Asheville Summer Camps
2022 Season Coming Soon

Kids goofing around in group photo for Forest Ninjas camp striking funny poses in natural camouflage

2022 Season is Coming Soon

Registration will open for our 2022 Summer Camps Season in late January. Camps last year filled faster than ever, so make sure to get on our newsletter.

Nature Connection Camps

Our weeklong camps run all summer with multiple camps happening each week for various age groups. Crafts, role playing, archery, stealth, blacksmithing, foraging and more.

Camp sizes are capped at 14 or lower, and run by two skilled nature-connection mentors. You won’t find better camper to counselor ratios.

There’s something to get any kid excited about some healthy outdoor time. Your kids are going to LOVE IT.

Enroll by Age

Please choose camps based on the age your child will be this summer.

Use these links to skip to ages 5-7, 6-8, 9-12, or 11-17.

    Why Choose Forest Floor?

    We mentor children  to have fun, be healthy, and achieve their fullest potential by connecting with nature.


    • Health benefits of nature connection
    • Learn wilderness skills & traditional crafts
    • Meet new friends and reunite with old ones
    • Unforgettable adventures every day
    • Skilled and caring mentors
    • Exciting wilderness experiences
    • Convenient in-town drop-off & pickup
    • Flexible hours for drop-off & pickup

    Waitlist Available

    Previously full camps often have additional spots open up due to cancellations. So please sign-up for the waitlist by going through the standard registration process. No payment is required.

    2021 Summer Camp Schedule

    As always, we’ll run many of the camps below in 2022, and mix it up with some new options too.

    The 2022 Summer Camps Schedule will be announced and registration opening in late January.

    Ages 5-7

    Girls at summer camp in forest created a tiny model village for faeries to reside in

    Ages 5-7

    Flight of the Faeries

    2022 Schedule TBD

    Wander the mountainside making whimsical crafts and brewing flower tea.

    Group of children dressed as forest gnomes at day camp hearing story told by actor

    Ages 5-7

    Legend of the Gnomes

    2022 Schedule TBD

    Create a gnome village in the woods as a base to learn crafts and go exploring.

    Young summer camper discovering interesting salamander in the forest

    Ages 5-7

    Mysterious Animals of the Forest

    2022 Schedule TBD

    Campers uncover tracks, role play a hunting fox, craft animal personas and learn about their wild neighbors.

    Ages 6-8

    Campers at foraging skill summer camp with baskets full of wild edible plants

    Ages 6-8

    Nature’s Kitchen: Fire Craft & Cooking

    2022 Schedule TBD

    Hunt down wild edibles and learn which are safe to eat.

    Asheville summer day camp Archery Range with kids learning archery arrows drawn

    Ages 6-8

    Archery Range

    2022 Schedule TBD

    Practice a variety of different projectiles and become a more skilled archer.

    Child hiding in the forest learning stealth and natural camouflage at summer camp

    Ages 6-8

    Stealth Rangers

    2022 Schedule TBD

    Begin your training and develop the skills needed to become a Forest Ninja.

    Crafty Critters camper weaving a basket in the forest at summer camp in Asheville

    Ages 6-8

    Crafty Critters

    2022 Schedule TBD

    Create a variety of fun and useful items using materials found on the land.

    Summer camp role playing at Journey of the Green Man, an Asheville summer camp

    Ages 6-8

    Journey of the Green Man

    2022 Schedule TBD

    Join the fabled Green Man on his magical quest to save the realm.

    Ages 9-12

    Boy with bow drawn with foam tipped arrow at summer day camp near Asheville

    Ages 9-12

    Archer’s Arena

    2022 Schedule TBD

    Become the target and play Capture-the-Flag with safe foam-tipped arrows.

    Group photo at nature camp of camoflauged and face painted kids at summer camp for stealth in forest

    Ages 9-12

    Forest Ninja

    2022 Schedule TBD

    Move silently through the landscape as a team and learn the art of camouflage.

    Instructor teaching archery technique to kids at Asheville nature camp

    Ages 9-12

    Mammoth Hunters

    2022 Schedule TBD

    A journey through time in the art of projectile weaponry.

    Summer camper learns Jedi skills at Asheville area nature camp

    Ages 9-12

    Secrets of the Jedi

    2022 Schedule TBD

    Deepen connection to nature and grow attuned to its life force, while honing the physical skills of survival.

    Boy holding pendant and necklace made at nature camp

    Ages 9-12

    Wild Crafters

    2022 Schedule TBD

    Answer the ancient call to create with a series of nature-based crafts in community with fellow creatives.

    Junior naturalist homeschool student at ecology program learning outdoors in forest

    Ages 9-12

    Nature Detectives

    2022 Schedule TBD

    Young investigators dive deep into the knowledge of the natural world while solving an intriguing mystery.

    Ages 11-17

    A handmade basket made at teen summer camp for handmade craft

    Ages 11-15

    Basket Making

    2022 Schedule TBD

    Learn different techniques and materials while making functional basketry.

    Blacksmithing project under way with glowing curled metal on anvil

    Ages 12-15


    2022 Schedule TBD

    Create useful tools from red hot metal using a forge, hammer and anvil. Please note min. age is 12.

    Instructor pointing out something to group of older nature school students

    Ages 14-17

    Counselor In Training Camp

    2022 Schedule TBD

    Take the first step in learning to be a nature connection mentor with our Counselor in Training program.

    Instructor showing proper handling of knife made at knife-making camp

    Ages 12-15

    Knife Making

    2022 Schedule TBD

    Create a handmade knife from scratch using a variety of blacksmith & shop tools.

    Day Camp Hours

    Our summer camps run daily, Monday through Friday.

    Camp hours:  9:00am – 3:00pm

    Flexible Drop-off:
    8:30 – 9:00am at Haw Creek Commons
    8:45 – 9:15 am at Shope Creek Wilderness

    Flexible Pick-up:
    3:00 – 3:30pm at Haw Creek Commons
    2:45 – 3:15 pm at Shope Creek Wilderness

    Our In-town Drop-Off and Pick-Up Location

    We are no longer at the Asheville School in West Asheville.

    Our new location since spring 2020 is Haw Creek Commons, in East Asheville off Tunnel Road.  This is our main Drop-Off and Pick-up location for summer camps.

    Haw Creek Commons is a community co-working and activity center where Forest Floor has a presence. See the location on Google Maps.


    Drop-Off and Pick-Up in the Forest

    Parents may also choose to drop-off and pick-up at Shope Creek Wilderness. The  Address is 472 Shope Creek Road.  The timing of Drop-Off and Pick-Up in the forest is slightly different than at Haw Creek Commons.

    A few crafting programs take place in the woods at Haw Creek Commons, in these cases there is no transportation or forest drop-off/pick-up.

    A Day at Forest Floor

    2022 COVID Safety Policies

    Our COVID-19 safety policy is based primarily on pre-screening and monitoring. It is our current position that the single largest preventative factor at our programs is the fact that we are open-air and outdoors(with the exception of van travel).

    Pre-Screening and Monitoring

    • We will take every child’s temperature each morning upon arrival. If any child registers a fever (thermometer reading of 100.4˚F or higher) or are showing any signs of COVID-19 (cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell) we will not allow them to attend. If during the program day a child displays signs or symptoms of illness they will be separated from other students and parents contacted to pick them up.
    • All staff will be self-monitoring for symptoms of COVID-19. If they develop symptoms, they will notify their supervisor and stay home. Any staff person who develops symptoms of illness during the work day will be separated from students and other staff and sent home ASAP.

    Masks & Social Distancing:

    • While on Haw Creek Commons property (NOT our forested Shope Creek program location) we abide by their policy, which is currently that everyone ages 3 and up are required to wear a mask anytime they are less than 6 feet from another person.
    • While in vans all students and staff are required to wear masks for the duration of the trip.
    • At our Shope Creek Wilderness location children & staff will not be required to wear masks or social distance, but will be supported to the best of our ability if they choose to do so.


    • Children will wash hands each day immediately upon arrival and throughout the day.
    • Children are asked to carry a personal supply of hand sanitizer and will be asked to use it before and after activities that could result in cross-contamination.

    We will do our best to fully support any child or staff who chooses more restrictive social distancing or mask wearing than the policies outlined above.