Teen Fire Fund

What is Teen Fire?

Teen Fire is a facilitated social environment where nature-connected teens can find peers away from screens and phones. Teen Fire was motivated by the realization that teens are the most under-supported segment of our society. In the last 5 years, Teen Fire has been the passion project of Michael Ismerio and a handful of other generous nature connection mentors who volunteered their time to show up for teens.

Teen Fire takes place in a small patch of woods at Haw Creek Commons adjacent to the Forest Floor Blacksmith shop. We circle up around the fire to connect, play games, tell stories, sing songs, laugh, and learn more about each other. It’s a place where teens can be treated respectfully and listened to.

Why Are Donations Requested?

Teen Fire does not cost money for the teens, this is an important value because even a small amount of money can become a barrier for some teens.

In order to make Teen Fire sustainable we need to value the mentors who show up for the teens. All donations made to the Teen Fire Fund will go directly to paying experienced and amazing Forest Floor staff mentors to show up for our teens.

We aim to host Teen Fire once a month or as much as we can depending on funds raised.

And please use this link to forward this to your family members, grandparents, community members, or anyone else who cares about how we are showing up for our teens.

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